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Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Lady

Well, it has been waaaaay too long since my last post. Of course, I have been doing a number of things (to include reading other blogs that thankfully have more dedicated bloggers than myself - thanks Field, BrownSista, et al). I had to post this photo and a thought, as I wind down my CIAA Weekend here in the Queen City. Mrs. Obama is really giving folks pause (Right to Bare Arms???) but she is giving me a real sense of pride. I see myself, my sisters, my mother, my girl scout troop in her smile and I love the fact that her smiling face and beautiful brown image is being seen all over the world. I am going to have a poster of the First Lady reproduced for all of my OPAL members and my girls scouts, so they can hang it on their walls.
BTW, yes I am STILL writing the dissertation. Yes I am STILL graduating this year...just not in May (thank God for December Convocations!).

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