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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monthly Blog???

Well, I have made exactly zero posts since last month, and this month is almost gone! I have had a lot to say, but not nearly as much time to say it. Quick update - my prospectus (1st three chapters of the dissertation) is complete and I am scheduled to defend to my committee in June! Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Also, my son is starting a blog ( to chronicle his four years at the Governor's School. I can't wait for it to get up and running - he is very excited about it, and I have a feeling that he will update his more regularly than I...

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending an event, An Evening of Elegance - Celebrating Petersburg's Young Women. This was one of the best evenings I've had in a long time - so inspirational to witness the support and testimony given to the future of womanhood in our community. The photo above is a book that was mentioned during another event celebrating and encouraging youth - it seems to make the most sense when adults who have been there and come through, tell and show young people who are going through similar things. Props to the Health Department, Triangle Center for Development, and all of the other partners and sponsors for doing more than just talk about the high teen pregnancy rate in our city!

Last week, during a meeting at work, I wrote down what will probably become my mantra going forward - "steadfast commitment to learning and self-development is the remedy to entrenchment and stagnation."

Peace, Naj.

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