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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

...But I Know Change 'Gone Come.

The newsrags and pundits are all wondering out loud about the role that race and gender played in this campaign. Sexism and racism should be discussed, because they are both salient issues. But let’s not let that discussion proceed without an acknowledgement of the realities of this primary:

The Obama for America team simply ran a better campaign than the Hillary for President team. And a majority of primary voters have demonstrated that they believe Barack Obama is simply a better candidate to lead America. These are the realities.

Now, I have already heard, and fully expect to continue to hear, the ‘chorus of critics’, the naysayers and doubters. They caution us and warn us that Obama simply cannot bring about the change that he has promised us. Washington is too set in its political cement to be bothered by change.

And let me be very clear: I understand that the task at hand (changing the politics of Washington, changing the domestic issues that challenge our country, changing our foreign relations, etc) is by no means simple. And there will be nothing easy about an Obama Presidency. The change we desire, the change he has promised, will be at best, very difficult to achieve.

But for one (or for many) to suggest that change is impossible, is for one to be willfully (and woefully) ignorant of the facts: in one year, the Obama for America team significantly changed the way presidential primaries are ran in this country and viewed from abroad; the Obama for America team significantly changed the way presidential primaries are funded and managed; and if current numbers are any indicators (and I believe that they are) the Obama for America team significantly changed the way presidential candidates are elected. Considering these facts, it stands to reason that in four years, the Obama Administration can significantly change the politics of Washington, significantly change domestic issues, and significantly change foreign relations (and change them all for the better).

Those who don’t believe need only look at the composition of the Obama for America team to understand why and how the change happened, and why and how still more change is possible. Millions of previously disengaged citizens, young, old, and in between, now have the ear of a true leader, and he has theirs in return. So to the ‘chorus of critics’, naysayers and doubters: do not underestimate the power of many who are committed to changing the power of few. Others have and they are not better of because of it.

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