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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Obama/___ Short List...

So yesterday Senator John Edwards endorsed my good man Barack Obama for President. I immediately thought "well ain't he a day late and a dollar short". But further analysis (we should always do further analysis) gave me reason to consider his timing. I want to give Edwards props for supporting Obama even after a major loss in West VA (West VA - never forget Megan Williams see here for the hate crime story that West VA's Senator never even commented on - the same Senator who made a speech on the Senate Floor over the M. Vick case...) and for keeping the light on the poverty stricken citizens of one of the most prosperous country in the world.
Even so, I do not think Edwards is the best choice for Obama's VP. As usual, I was inspired by the Field after reading his post this morning; I gave some real consideration to who Obama should select as VP. I was really leaning heavily toward a woman, for the obvious reasons, but an article from News One, which by the way appears to be shaping up as a very decent alternative news source for people like me, made me think twice about that. My good Governor, Tim Kaine, was listed by the author, for some darn good reasons:
"Another man of faith Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia might be a good choice. A devoted Catholic, next to governing Virginia, he and his family spend a lot of time helping his Church. He appeals to neighbors in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the Carolinas, which would help Obama. During Governor Kaine's tenure, Virginia has been recognized as the most business-friendly state in American, the top-performing state government in America and the state where "a child is most likely to have a successful life." These are great credentials to help build upon Obama's economic plan as well as education reform. The Governor who once was a missionary would even rock the evangelical voter too--and give McCain some trouble in the Bible Belt."
Woodson also points out that Sam Nunn of Georgia may offer the best option against McCain:
"...preeminent foreign policy and defense strategist former Senator Sam Nunn of Georgia could be the total package that Obama will need to finish off McCain. Nunn, who represented Georgia for two decades, chaired the Armed Services Committee and now heads Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), a nonprofit that works to reduce global threats from nuclear or biochemical weapons. Obama, who wants to pull the troops out of Iraq, could use the advice of Nunn, who voted against the first Gulf War. And geographically, Nunn can help Obama lock up Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Texas and add to Obama's base in Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, and Mississippi. Nunn, having been a former colleague of McCain's, knows his weakness and is better recognized for his command of foreign affairs."
Now I have to go do some research on Nunn. Because I think this argument is sound; one of my primary reasons for backing Obama is his stance on the war, and his commitment to ending it. But I also know that it will be no easy task pulling our troops out and leaving the region, and I think an experienced, level-headed foreign policy and defense strategist would be a great asset to getting this done. Obama and his team really have a tough job in selecting the VP choice, and I pray that they will do so wisely.

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