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Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Princess Like Me...

So I've been waiting on the latest Disney movie for two years now. Those of you who are familiar with me will understand why. The nonprofit org that I founded (and now volunteer for) is Prince & Princess, Inc. for the same reason I am waiting for Disney to finally add a Black Princess to their Princess line. Even if you don't know me, you probably know a young Black girl who loves to play dress-up, who wants to be a princess; you've probably purchased a Disney Princess item for a birthday and wondered why the characters were not at all similar to the little princess you were buying for. We all have heard of the doll test ; the Disney Princess thing may seem like a small matter, but it really highlights a bigger issue - that for as much as we try to tell our girls (and ourselves for that matter) that Black is beautiful, we are constantly faced with a mainstream society that insists (directly and indirectly) that there is only one standard of beauty, and Black ain't it. I hope this little movie about a Black Princess goes a long way to undue some of the damage to our self-image. I know it's only a movie, but hey, I can dream...
On a related note check out this site for Princess Briana - a lovely book that helped my niece see herself as a beautiful Princess - even at 8 years old, she already has concerns about the color of her skin (beautiful dark brown like her momma and her auntie). She shared this book with me and I could tell it really made her see things differently. I am so grateful that her grandma found it!
Have a wonderful Monday folks!

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