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Sunday, August 31, 2008

How do they do it???

Okay, so it has been a minute or two since my last post (I SWEAR I don't know how the daily bloggers DO it...I can count on on hand the things that I can manage to do everyday, with any great deal of consistency of quality, and blogging just ain't hats off to folks like the Field, who manage to keep it coming on the daily, and keep the quality to boot!). much has happened and I will try to summarize:

I saw Barack Obama give a live town-hall style meeting in Chester, VA - I crashed the party - so cool and I will post photos soon (I had to buy one of those DISPOSABLE cameras from Walgreens because I went to the meeting on short notice and left my handy-dandy digital cam at home - what DID we do for photos before digital? I can't possible figure out how to both go drop the damn camera off at Walgreens AND pick up the damn photos however many hours or days later....but I digress). Also, Obama came to Petersburg. Yes PETERSBURG!!! Well, there's just nothing else to say about that. Except that I damn-near broke my ankle trying to see him in the 'burg (should've been happy with my party-crashing success, but noooooo, I just want everything!). Okay, what next? Oh, I hosted a fabulous Convention Watch Party at my house last week - 22 folks came - I even met two neighbors of mine (I've been living on this street for nearly two years and I am just now meeting these folks - what is WRONG with us??). Party was great. Speech was GREAT. Obama looked and sounded like a champ - hitting every point from A-Z. Best one-liner of the night: "8 is enough". Hell yeah 8 is enough; 8 was too damned much for my taste. Boy, I loved the love illustrated on that stage, 45 years to the date when the honorable Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made a speech about the possibility of such a day! Words do not do justice to how we all felt.

Whew. That was a lot. Oh, and by the way YES - I have been working like that on my dissertation. I am a few drafts away from a final concept paper. Small steps folks, small steps.

I am going to make up for my limited posts by doing two today! Next up, Sarah P....

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Don said...

45 years to the date when the honorable Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made a speech about the possibility of such a day!

Agreed, there appeared to be something 'destined' concerning the complete coincidence, didn't it?