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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Well we are up and running with K12! All the materials came earlier this week and we got signed on last Friday. My son is really having a good time with this format so far, and aside from the frequent calls at work (I've got to get him to call only one time every other hour to tell me about something new he's done), I like it a lot!

So, we start week three (officially week 2, since we just got everything set up last week) this Monday, and then we will by in a rhythm. A field trip to Charlottesville has already been scheduled too. I can't wait. My son is excited about learning again. I have the ENTIRE 8th grade curriculum at my finger tips. The flexibility and control of this program is AWESOME. So far, so good.

Progress report on the Ph.D: slow and steady wins the race!

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